Waterline´s Labradors

Sasso at 14 months
          Yellow male
          Born: 8.8.2011
          Hips: A-A
          Elbows: 0-0
          Eyes: clear (8.8.2012)
          PRA-prcd Normal/Clear
          EIC carrier (N/EIC)

Sasso will be staying for a while in Norway
with Jan-Roger Sauge, Mambrinos kennel !!!

Finnish LRC´s Main Specialty Show 4.2.2012
3rd place with HP in Puppies 5-7 months


Waterline´s Le Petit

C.I.B Ahti Aspen of Finnwoods

C.I.B FI CH SW-97 FIW-99
Palabras Blue Bayo
DT.JGD CH Hirsipirtin Xedos
Waterline´s Rosalie Mallorn´s Aint Mizbehavin
Waterline´s Thea
Follies Maryland

BISS AM CH Lubberline Martingale

Hunt Club Clayview Funny Bear

AM CH Hennings Mill Lubberline Jib

Tweedledum Folies Bergrer

C.I.B FI EE RU CH NORDW-01 FIW-01 FIW-02 Follies Storm Petrel

Tweedledum Curtain Call